About Us

Who are we?

Ron Suskind’s work and reputation as a Pulitzer Prize journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker is grounded in insightful investigations that uncover real truths and powerful stories. His intensive work with his son Owen and others with ASD, a disorder that impacts behavior and communication, led to a deeper more profound understanding of how genuine, authentic, unfiltered conversations really happen. That experience was the genesis of Bongo Media.

Ron created Bongo Media as a unique hybrid service that is transforming the core tenets of journalism and strategic planning at large institutions both public and private. The Bongo Media team has redefined how intimate unfiltered conversations are captured, important narratives are uncovered, and stories that drive change are told.

Press Inquiries

For press inquiries, please contact Al Fernandez at Al@bongomedia.com.

Hospital Inquiries

If you are a hospital interested in participating in our program, please contact hospitals@bongomedia.com.

For any other inquiries, please contact info@bongomedia.com.