How It Works

Our Methodology

We capture what people are thinking but rarely say publicly through our interface.
Then we quantify their sentiments with our analytics at both a macro and micro level.

Two distinctive elements define the Bongo Media advantage:

A deep understanding of how people communicate in traditional ways driven by the shifting contexts of speaker and circumstance; and the inherent bias of the intermediaries charged with capturing these thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and questions. Our technology integrates our investigative, journalistic expertise within an environment that is context blind, trust-based, intermediary free, and highly scalable. We collect high volumes of unfiltered, authentic, vivid feedback.
Proprietary technology that recognizes and quantifies sentiments, the intensity of those sentiments, and unexpected patterns that diverge from established norms. We correlate and report what respondents say, and how they feel, using empirical data from audio, video, and text-based inputs.