Voices To Drive Change
The Power Of Authentic,
Unfiltered Conversations
Our platform captures and analyzes insights, perspectives, disclosures -- and the compelling stories -- that catalyze action and inform systemic change.
Talk with Us
Real voices that rest on familiarity & trust
Bongo conversations are intimate and intermediary free, requiring no third-party intervention. Bias is filtered out, as is the performative and transactional, leaving authenticity and trust.
Share truths safely and privately
Private conversations are captured and vetted for veracity after we validate user identities.
Captured videos are processed and facial features are masked, allowing for full expressive range. Voices are audio morphed in our proprietary process that preserves complete tonality, emotional valence and are then edited to remove identifying personal details. We collect them in droves, mine them for revealing data, and turn the most powerful ones into content. Insights flow. Privacy is protected.
Dialogues not Snapshots
Conversations yield context and contain stories, shared with one another. Almost all meaningful interaction is one-to-one. We capture the best to drive human understanding, progress, and action.